Asterisk working!

In the past months I’ve tried to get Asterisk working a couple of times, but most of the time I had to give up because of the overwelming number of configuration files. Finally I got everything up and running. Especially this post was helpfull.

Now I can make calls through several providers (xs4all, lowratevoip) based on dialing rules. Incoming calls also are working already and I just filed for the transfer of my old ISDN phoneline number to an xs4all voip account.

One of these days I’ll document my settings here, so it might help somebody somehow.

Saldo opvragen

Voor Hi-Prepaid telefoon: type *101# [zend]

Opwaarderen: ga naar KPN

Testing the browser

Usefull links for testing your browser:


Favourite extensions for Firefox

Tab Mix Plus
Especially handy: set in Tools / Tab Mix Plus Options / Mouse / Mouse Clicking:

  • Double-click / on a tab: ‘Move the tab to a new window’
  • Ctrl-click / on a tab: ‘Duplicates the tab’

Dictionary Switcher
If you fill in forms in several languages and appreciate the spell-check feature of Firefox this simple extension is a must have!

Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer
Use your bookmarks on any computer!

Google Kladblok
Easely make notes that you can access on any computer.

Favourite extensions for Thunderbird

Display Mail User Agent Extension

Maybe not very useful, but still nice to see: an icon of the program used by the writer shows next to the header data.

Dictionary Switcher
If you compose messages in several languages this simple extension is a must have!

An integrated calendar and tasklist for Thunderbird.

Provider voor Google Agenda
Synchronize Lightning with Google Calendar

Synchronize contacts with Google Gmail.