Favourite additional packages for Ubuntu

The standard Ubuntu installation comes already with a pretty complete set of software packages. Next to the standard set of packages I install on my desktop/laptop:

  • ubuntu-restricted-extras: allerlei extra fonts, video codecs, etc.
  • default-jre: installeer de java JRE
  • geany: my favourite editor, very usefull for php, html, css, etc.
  • meld: an easy diff program which also enables melding differences per line
  • mozplugger: show PDF’s inside a tab of Firefox
  • compizconfig-settings-manager: tune je desktop effecten
    • schakel de “Ring wisselaar” aan, zet daarbij “Volgende venster (alle werkruimten)” op toets Alt-Tab

And a bit of tuning:

  • For 9.04 following command prohibits the pop-under of the upgrade program. It returns to the previous policy showing a notification icon:
    gconftool -s –type bool /apps/update-notifier/auto_launch false